Jared and Nick’s Coffee Tour: Volume 3

This week we headed off to visit the growing coffee empire of Loreen Hyuh. Loreen has been a loyal customer of Zoka for many years and we absolutely love the level of coffee and service she brings to the Seattle area. Since we were staying local this week Nick and I left at a decent hour and headed north to our first stop of the day Richmond Beach Coffee House. We were warmly greeted by her staff and served two excellent cups of coffee. While enjoying the coffee and amazing garage door style windows, we were overwhelmed by the food offerings. Over a dozen different crepes made to order...mouthwatering to say the least. One of the cool things about Richmond Beach Coffee House is that they often have live music and are on the way to beautiful Richmond beach!

From there we headed to Jewel Box Cafe, which is tucked in by the movie theater next to Northgate mall. I have always had the issue of wanting a nice coffee and a dessert after a movie and Loreen has the answer. In many ways this store is the crown Jewel of Loreen's empire. The craftsmen ship in the design and the location is top notch. Here as with all of Loreen's stores you can find Zoka Coffee, Bubble Teas and crepes! What more do you need, right? You should stop by next time you are in the area to get your mall on or catching a movie at Northgate Mall. I promise you won't be disappointed.

We then began the journey south to her latest store in Des Moines. On the way we stopped by one of her first, Bubbles on Alki. This cozy store is conveniently located right across from one of the best view of the Seattle skyline. Not only that but it is just a short walk to Alki beach as well. Bubbles may be Loreen's smallest store, but there is a fierce band of loyal customers that keep it packed even in the off season.

When it comes to Zoka coffee, bubble tea and crepes Loreen has got it down. I am sure she would love for you to stop by and it's always good to know where to find Zoka coffee.

Great coffee, great environment, and great service - yep, sounds like a Zoka Wholesale account to us. The next time you are looking for goof place to grab coffee around Richmond Beach, North Gate, Alki, or Des Moines make sure to stop by for a cup of coffee. Tell them Jared and Nick sent you.

One Love, Jared and Nick