How To: Improve Your Garden With Coffee

Gardening With Coffee

In today’s world, coffee is king. The world runs on coffee - you have coffee at home, and you might even stop on your way to work, too. If you’re like us, we always have a fresh cup of coffee within reach. However, did you know there are more benefits to this wonderful substance beyond just keeping you awake and pleasant to talk to before 9am?

Coffee grounds can actually be used for a variety of purposes, making them one of the most versatile materials around. One particular way to use your leftover coffee is to provide fertilization to your garden. With so much attention focused on “going green” and minimizing waste, improving your home garden with coffee is a perfect marriage of sustainability and waste reduction. Wondering how? Keep reading.


A good way to ensure proper plant growth is with the use of fertilizers. But what makes fertilizer better than regular soil? Mostly, the answer lies with the amount of nitrogen and nutrients that are present in fertilizer. Coffee, thankfully, is high in nitrogen, so it makes a great mulch or fertilizer for your garden plants. You can mix it with your regular fertilizer, or use it by itself. The benefit of coffee is that you can use it either dry or wet. If you prefer wet, then soak the grounds and let them sit for up to three weeks to maximize their potential.

Pest Control

One of the biggest problems with maintaining a garden is the ever-looming presence of pests. Whether it’s slugs or neighborhood cats getting into your plants, pests can be a huge nuisance, and can even kill your garden. Coffee, thankfully, has a smell that wards off most pets and animals - and the caffeine in coffee will kill slugs and snails naturally. Dust your garden with coffee, and reduce your pest problem the natural way.

Fungus Killer

Another significant issue that can plague your garden is the presence of fungi. No, we’re not talking about mushrooms, but fungi that can choke out and kill your plants. Coffee is a great fungus killer, so it can not only ward off pests, but it can kill dangerous fungi that can threaten your garden.

Worm Bait

While most people are grossed out by worms, a true gardener knows that worms are necessary for nutrient-rich soil. An excellent way to attract these slimy allies is with coffee. Interestingly enough, worms love themselves some coffee, so spreading it around your plants will bring on a helpful army to aerate and enrich your soil.


As we mentioned, sustainability and waste reduction is a big reason to use coffee in your garden. If you have a garden, you most likely will want to have a compost pile as well. Composting is a perfect way to recycle old food and biological material, and coffee is an excellent way to make great compost. Adding coffee grounds to your compost will help food break down faster, as long as it doesn’t exceed a fourth of the overall mass.

If you’re looking to give your garden a coffee boost, then a perfect way to get started is to stop by a local coffee shop and collect spare grounds that they have. Since the grounds will be going to waste anyway, many local stores would be more than happy to provide you with excess coffee grounds to help with your garden. Or - you can save your grounds at home and start small. If you’re brewing any of our coffees, we’d love to hear how you’re using your grounds on your grounds! Drop us a line, or leave your comment below.