How To Brew Cold Brew Coffee

Home Use Toddy Cold Brew Coffee System

As is easily inferred by its name ‘cold brew’ is coffee that has been brewed in cold water instead of hot.

Complete Toddy Cold Brew system
Plastic brew bucket
Glass decanter
Rubber stopper
Paper filters
7 cups of water (apprx ½ gallon)
12 ounces of coffee course ground (our Colonel Fitzroy Blend is one of our favorites to use)

Step 1:

Place rubber stopper in bottom opening.

Step 2:

Place paper filter over stopper securely

Step 3:

Pour 1 cup of water in bottom of brew bucket

Step 4:

Pour 6 ounces of coffee (half) into water

Step 5:

Add another 3 cups of water into brew bucket

Step 6:

Pour in remaining 6 ounces of water (DO NOT STIR)

Step 7:

Ad the remaining 3 cups of water without stirring coffee solution

Step 8:

Let sit for at least 12 hours and serve over ice when ready

Learn more about the difference between Iced coffee and Cold Brew here.

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