How Much Coffee Do You Drink — A Guide

How Much Coffee Do You Drink — A Guide

We sell a lot of coffee. In our cafes, all manner of drinks and packages of beans. We know something about how much coffee people drink.

So it perplexes the Zoka Digital team when we see these orders for a single bag of coffee come in. Often from the same customers. Once a month. We love you, and thank you. But we’re concerned.

One bag of coffee a month? Really? People drink that little coffee?

Proud coffee nerds that we are, we hauled out our spreadsheets and did some calculations.

The average serving of coffee uses about 25 grams (there are 28.2 grams in an ounce, by the way. We know you knew that). Brew can use a little more, espresso a little less. That means there are about 13 servings of coffee in our 12oz bags. At Zoka, most of us have a name for 13 cups of coffee: “Wednesday morning.”

So, how much coffee do you drink?

If you’re averaging just 2 cups a day, you need 1 bag a week.

We’ve made that easy. Zoka Subscriptions.

Have your favorite Zoka Coffee delivered on your schedule: monthly, bi-weekly or weekly.

Never get that cold chill of a java-free morning. Always know that you’ll have a bag of decaf ready for the guests after dinner.