Grab a Spoon and Stimulate Your Taste Buds

Come join us in September at our Greenlake and University cafes where we will be offering free public coffee tastings. Known as cuppings, these simple coffee brewings are a staple method of quality assessment inside the coffee trade.
The half-hour event starts off with a brief description of the coffees selected for tasting. Then, multiple samples of ground coffee are carefully brewed at the same time. Once brewed, spoonfuls are slurped to decipher the flavor range and unique characteristics of the coffees.
This is a great way to try our coffees in a unique fashion. Our knowledgeable staff will guide you through the process and provide you with some of our coffee perspective and insight.
Tentatively the schedule is set for 3:00 pm Saturdays at the Greenlake cafe and 1:00pm Tuesdays at the University cafe. Updates will be posted on our twitter and facebook pages.
Stop on by!