Freshly Cupped Kenya Kirimara Coffee

by: Prestin Yoder

The Zoka roasters hosted a cupping of the new Kenya Kirimara this week for our baristas and the consensus was clear: the Kirimara is a beautiful coffee. With tasting spoons in hand, we blindcupped this coffee, not knowing what to expect. As we started to slurp up the Kenya Kirimara, you could see our eyes light up. People tried not to comment on the coffee until everyone had a chance to sample it. After the tasting and note taking, our staff had nothing but good things to say for the complex profile and great acidity of this coffee.

Zoka baristas and roasters alike agreed that this coffee has a consistent quality to it as it cools. The favorite part of this coffee was it's rich and strong body. The taste of baked bread, notes of chocolate and spices are evident when it's hot and cools with a sweet fruit tang.

We are excited to hear what you think about the Kenya Kirimara - so stop on in and try it out. Let us know what you think.