Daniel’s World of Coffee: Zoka in Kirkland Review

Wow what a raving review! I don't remember paying this guy off with large unmarked bills but apparently our quality shows through on this one...

Sometimes people seem skeptical that great coffee will ever be anything other than a micro-niche, especially people outside the industry. It's not surprising that super-specialty coffee got its start in uber-hip places like the corner of Denny and Broadway on Capitol Hill, or downtown Portland. And the urban hipster vibe is still crushingly strong in the overall industry. But Zoka Kirkland is proof that great coffee is about quality of ingredients, professionalism, care, execution, and love. Not your zip code. I'd put their quality up against just about any other shop in the country.

...Booyaa! Now that's what I like to hear. For the rest of the story go to Daniel's World of Coffee, he may know what he's talking about, especially with that Colombia Villarica.