Crafting With Coffee and Kids

Summer vacation is coming, and guess what? So are the cries of boredom from your youngsters at sunrise. We completely understand the fear, don’t worry. We want to help.

When you brew your morning cup of coffee, leave out some sure-fire boredom busters — coffee beans, or used grounds. It’s a treasure trove of opportunity for young minds and caffeine-lovers alike.

Make Some Mocha Doh

Add some coffee grounds and cocoa to your favorite play-doh recipe. The smell is obviously amazing, and the basic brown play-doh is really versatile, begging to be used in this Dino Land creation, or in your kid’s own at-home coffee shop!

Hidden Treasures

We loved this idea from Make Life Lovely. You can get the step-by-step guide on her blog, but you basically make a super simple dough using used coffee grounds, flour, salt, cornmeal, and water. You’ll need to get some small prizes or toys, too - like costume jewelry, plastic bugs, or even real coins! This activity takes some adult-supervision, since you bake the “rocks” in the oven on a very low temperature, and you have to let them cool before kids break them open. But, we loved the fun surprise of breaking open the coffee-rocks to find hidden treasures!

Coffee Bean Candle Holders

For very little crafters, try making candle-holders! You can get a big glass dish or mason jar, and place small votive candle holders and an unscented candle in the bottom. The little ones can pour the coffee beans around the candle holder, which will help hide and hold it in place.

Coffee-bean Art

Grab a canvas and go to town. Let your children create a background scene, or paint the canvas a solid color. Once the background has dried, arrange your beans on the canvas how you wish. Pour some glue or liquid crafting adhesive into a dish and give the kids a paintbrush to glue their beans to the canvas. After the entire piece has dried, you can hang it up, or, take a cue from Kassandra and spray the piece with a clear enamel coating.

Welcoming Warmth

Jamie at the Creative Imperative has created a beautiful, summery “Sunflowery Wreath.” Trace petals in felt in varying sizes. If you’d prefer something a little more kid-friendly, children might also have fun using construction paper in their favorite colors, cutting or rolling them into petals, and gluing them to the circular base.

Once you’ve finished arranging and gluing down the petals, cut a circle out of the brown felt or heavy paper, and glue it to the middle of the flower, marking the center. Then, use a strong crafting adhesive or a hot glue gun (adults only, please) to stick the coffee beans to the brown felt. Once the piece has dried, attach a string or hanger and put that work of art on display!

Pour yourself a cup of your favorite Zoka Coffee roast and let coffee work its magic on your mood, your children’s mood, and your summer vacation. If you’ve crafted with coffee before, what were some of your favorite projects?