Cold Brewing Coffee Tips. Get Ready for Summer!

As the weather warms to a balmy 80 degrees it becomes extremely tempting to commit one of the most egregious coffee crimes: brewing hot coffee, adding cream, and pouring your coffee-milk concoction over ice cubes.

Freeze! No wait- don’t freeze! Stop right there. Do not drink iced coffee unless it’s cold brewed!

You won’t find awful, diluted, cold coffee at Zoka. We don’t brew our cold coffee hot and then cool it down. We brew our cold coffees cold from the very beginning.

Here’s why it matters.

What makes cold brewing great.

There are 25 acids in coffee that make it taste so amazing- citrus and malic being the two best tasting (think: oranges and apples).

When coffee is hot brewed (and hot brewed poorly), it breaks down – good acids turn into quinic acid and that creates a foul astringent taste. Ever sampled a coffee from your local gas station? Taken a sip from a mystery mug that’s been sitting way too long? Zapped your coffee in the microwave? THAT mouth-puckering, spit-it-out, downright disgusting taste is the result of hot brewed coffee breaking down and turning astringent.

With cold brewing, the breakdown of the acids never occurs because the acids are never allowed to fully develop. Pure genius.

Cold brewing is an option if you’re willing to brew well in advance and if you prefer cold coffee without the acidic bite.

Cold brewing (also called Toddy or cold press) has many advantages. The cold brew process brings out sweet brown sugar, mouth-watering maple syrup, and heavenly chocolate flavors (the favorable flavors), while muting the bright citrus and honey notes. You can serve it iced cold without the diluted, acidic effect.

The flavor relies heavily on sweet notes and the coffee is much smoother than if one took hot-brewed coffee and cooled it down.

The secret to Zoka’s “mmm”azing cold brew? Meet Toddy.

Meet the Toddy

It’s extremely difficult to cold brew at home without a cold brewer. We recommend the Toddy for cold brew beginners.

The Toddy allows coffee grinds to soak in room temperature through the night. It’s wonderfully low-tech, uses no electricity, it just needs three simple things: gravity, coarse-ground coffee beans, and 10-12 hours of steeping time.

Toddy Tips

Grind the coffee beans at a coarse setting.
When you’re using the Toddy, be sure to pour the water slowly and
gently in a circular motion
Resist the temptation to stir. Just tap the top grounds with the
back of a spoon to ensure all grounds get wet.
Cold brew your coffee 12 hours for optimal flavor
One you’re done cold brewing, serve iced, hot, or blended with chocolate. Try Zoka’s Colonel Fizroy’s Blend or any of our other sweeter coffees in coarse ground for your cold brew.

When you start cold brewing your cold coffee, you’ll taste the difference right away.