Coffee Variety Rocks

New Techniques for Brewing Coffee

By: Prestin Yoder

Coffee needs care. Not just in the specialty coffee shop or the roastery, but in the home as well. What makes Zoka so great is that you can get an espresso and cup of coffee in the shop, or take a bag of our fresh roasted coffee home. Adding even more variety to this set up, you can brew with several different methods and taste the same coffee in a whole new way each time. If you haven’t done this, pick up a Chemex, French Press or Melitta from one of our stores for a new experience. Finding the differences between these brewing processes offers a wide range of body, acidity and palate variation.

I made three cups of our Guatemala El Socorro with these three brewing methods; each is complex and completely different. With the Chemex, you are getting one of the cleanest cups you can brew. By using the bonded filter you grab all of the particulates out of the coffee. The cylindrical process and natural gravitation of water over the coffee lends itself to cool well and process as a thoroughly clean and crisp tasting cup of coffee. Whereas the Chemex’s grind is brewed coarser, the Melitta is finer and draws out different aspects of the bean. Drinking the same cup of coffee between the Melitta and Chemex is a trip – the Melitta tends to grab much more of the complexities of any coffee. The Melitta draws out more of the body and acidity in the coffee as well. On the other side of the spectrum, the French Press causes the coffee to taste creamier and smoother. It also leaves much more of the grind in the actual cup, which lends to a much more complex cooling as you get closer to the bottom.

It’s time we add some variety to our home coffee scene and try it out for ourselves. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.