7 Coffee-Inspired Desserts

Coffee Desserts

If you love coffee like we do, you can probably safely say that coffee isn’t just for the morning. Maybe you’ve already explored adding your favorite brew to your go-to meat rub, or as a part of a classic red-eye gravy. But, we wanted to talk about coffee desserts.

With this holiday weekend, and a full day of BBQ and outdoor activities in the sun, the best way to enjoy your coffee this weekend might be in the form of a dessert. Coffee incorporated into your favorite desserts adds a bold, familiar flavor and is one of our favorite ways to enjoy coffee aside from in our cup.

Here are seven coffee-inspired desserts to add to your lineup this weekend!

Mocha chocolate chip cookies

These cookies are basically your average chocolate chip cookie… That is, until you throw in those chocolate-covered crushed espresso beans. This is a really easy twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie that you just can't go wrong with. It's classic and chocolatey, and it has that familiar coffee flavor.

You can buy chocolate covered espresso beans at the grocery store, blend them up in a food processor or and put them in your cookies whole. Either way, this will be the perfect chocolate chip cookie that will also satisfy your coffee craving.

Mocha brownies

For this one, all you have to do is add some espresso powder into your favorite fudgy brownie recipe. That's really it! This is a really easy coffee dessert, and you can make this very quickly if you're on the way out the door to a Fourth of July party or something. You can even just get boxed brownie mix and add some espresso powder to that - whatever is easiest for you. No matter what way you spin it, a caffeinated brownie is pure gold.

Espresso truffles

Truffles are so delicious. They are a little complicated to make, but so worth it in the end. Here’s a great recipe from Real Simple. This incorporates espresso powder (you can make your own, easily) and coffee liquor, but you could omit the liquor to keep these suitable for everyone. The espresso flavors really take these to the next level. They might be a little fancy for a standard Fourth of July party, but packaging them up in a mason jar with some festive ribbon would be an excellent idea for your party hostess.

Coffee cupcakes

You can make your cupcakes and icing from scratch, or you can get the boxed cake mix and the icing in the tub. Grind up your favorite coffee bean, or pour espresso directly into the batter or icing. You can add as much as you would like in order to get the intensity you’re going for. Garnish these treats with a chocolate covered coffee bean at the end, so people know what to expect when going in for that first bite.

Coffee crumble cake

Have you ever had Italian coffee cake? That's basically what this is, except with a stronger, bolder flavor. All you do is add the coffee powder to the flour and butter, and then crumble it over the entire cake as a topping. You can add a lot or a little, depending on how strong you want it to taste. And, guess what this dessert goes well with… Espresso, of course. Have some friends over and brew your favorite cup of coffee and serve this coffee-crumbled cake as dessert.

Coffee ice cream

Coffee ice cream goes well with anything. You can add it on top of cake for some depth of flavor, or just have it plain with some whipped cream on top. If you have time to make your own ice cream, it would be totally worth it. You can even make affogato, and maximize the caffeine intake here - a scoop of homemade coffee ice cream, with a shot of your favorite espresso right over the top? Sounds absolutely divine.

Coffee milkshakes

With this dessert, you can just go crazy. Start with coffee ice cream, and then include some coffee liqueur for that extra kick for all the adults.

Let us know if you try any of these desserts, or if you have a recipe that incorporates coffee into classic dessert recipes! We’d love to hear from you.