Clean With Coffee: 5 Ways You Haven’t Considered

Clean With Coffee

Some people can’t imagine a life without coffee. It helps us get up in the morning, stops us from dozing off at work, and keeps us awake during those all-nighters in school. So, have you ever considered ways to clean with coffee? Coffee can be so much more than just your daily boost of energy. Believe it or not, it can also be used in daily household chores: it’s an an eco-friendly, practical alternative to chemically infused store-bought cleaning products.

Here are five ways your leftover coffee grounds can be recycled and reused to clean your home (and even yourself):

Washing your hands

While it’s not to be confused with an antibacterial hand soap, your used coffee grounds can eliminate pesky odors from your hands after cooking meals. Certain odors like garlic and onions might smell pretty nice while you’re preparing dinner, but it’s not ideal to smell them for hours afterward. Just rub some of the coffee grounds between your hands and rinse with warm water. Your hands will smell more like your favorite coffee shop rather than random spices or seafood. Yum!

Scrubbing surfaces

Coffee grounds are acidic and a little abrasive, meaning they’re perfect for scrubbing any kind of surface squeaky-clean. Whether it’s countertops, stovetops, refrigerators, or the bathroom tiles, use them alone or mix your coffee grounds with a little dish soap and scrub away any messes or stains the natural way. This might be our favorite way to clean with coffee - it's pretty amazing what a tablespoon of used grounds can do in stripping away caked on grit and grime in well-used areas of the home.

Cinderella’s coffee

Even princesses drink coffee. Coffee grounds can be used to clean out your fireplace without creating more of a mess with all the ash and dust. When your fireplace is not in use, just sprinkle some coffee grounds over the cinders and then let them sit for about fifteen minutes. Then, scoop the mess out into an ash can, and that’s it! The coffee grounds will cling to the ashes, meaning the floor around your fireplace won’t be covered with ash and dust, making another mess for you to clean up.

Make your sofa look good as new

Have you noticed any scratches on your furniture? Coffee grounds can make them go away. Just dampen a little bit of coffee grounds in a bowl of hot water and then rub it on the scratched-up parts of your furniture. Sometimes the scratches and scars will disappear instantly, and sometimes you have to repeat the process. Either way, your furniture will look good as new in only minutes!

Freshen up your look

Your house isn’t the only thing that coffee can clean. It can even clean you! Thanks to its unique texture and chemical components, when coffee grounds are mixed with warm water and certain oils (coconut oil is a favorite of ours), it can be used to exfoliate skin and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

How else do you use coffee around the home?