Celebrate (and Help!) with Zoka’s Victories

Zoka has had a flurry of good news this week.

Zoka Coffee & Tea Shop Facebook Fan Page Voted Top 40

Facebook winner Remember when we announced the new Zoka Facebook Fan Page and you won free coffee for "fanning" us and it was so much fun? Well, the good times payed off. theKbuzz has ranked the Zoka Facebook Fan Page as one of the top 40 fan pages in all the land. Thank you fans and friends for being so present and involved in our FB presence - your awesomeness was one of five criteria that got us into the top.

Two New Coffees!

This week Zoka welcomed two new coffees to the family. Rwanda Abakundakawa is sugarcane sweet and juicy as a pineapple. Our Bolivia San Ignacio is subtle and fresh and perfectly acidic. And if you didn't know already, you would have heard about these breathtaking brews earlier this week if we were subscribed to the Zoka newsletter. See the Zoka Newsletters link at the top of the page? Click it, and watch your coffee dreams come true. You'll get special deals, exclusive sneak previews, and fun brewing tips and pairings.

Vote Zoka Best Coffeehouse (and Beat the 'Bucks!)

Luxist has ranked Zoka as one of the top five coffeehouses, along with Peet's, Starbucks, Victrola and Ritual Roasters. You know and we know that there really is no competition. BUT! We need your help to bring down the big boys. Put in your bid for the Luxist Awards before May 1st and see Zoka vanquish the competition.