Amazing Bolivia Coffee!

The Sky's the Limit!

Zoka's Founder and President, Jeff Babcock, recently ventured to Bolivia, seeking an extraordinary coffee to bring back to Seattle. He had to travel to great heights to find it, so great that no other coffee in the world is grown at a higher elevation.

Bolivia Takesi is cultivated at heights between 6200 and 8500 feet above sea level - more than ten times the height of the Space Needle- the unique climate provided a complex cup of coffee. With higher elevations' positive impact on a coffee's flavor, Jeff was anxious to try the beans offered at Takesi, especially since Café Takesi had earned a Cup of Excellence distinction in 2009.

What he found provided spicy and yeasty aromas which developed into sweeter and more citric notes. Subtle floral flavors mixed with hints of dried fruits. Such flavors as raisins and a luscious bread pudding also came through. The sugars grew more savory like an oven-roasted sweet potato. This solid-bodied, though clean and light coffee had a graham cracker-like finish. When we heard about Jeff's findings, we imported a 119-pound batch of Takesi's greens to Seattle for roasting. The finished product will be made available exclusively online Monday, January 24th!

With only 119 pounds available, the chance to take your coffee experience to a new level is limited.