Zoka’s Free WiFi News

The rumors are true! Zoka has developed its WiFi policy to be more awesome than ever - and to put our patrons first.

The Low Down on Zoka's New WiFi Policy

Zoka lovers won't have much of a change in routine. Come in, grab your daily brew, and start checking emails. Unlimited access to the internet for two hours with every purchase. Simple as that.

The Perks

Zoka now has more available bandwidth for those who enjoy to sip and surf.
Safer browsing and better security. This change is with you in mind.
Our WiFi is up and running more often and with fewer glitches, so you can peruse the web in peace. We mentioned that the wireless internet is still free, right?

It's the same old Zoka (with the same delicious coffee and tea) as before. Stop by and say hi. We can't wait to see you.