5 Reasons Zoka’s Decaf Coffee Beans Are Buzz-Worthy

Admit it. You'll be standing in your favorite Zoka Coffee Cafe and hear someone ask for a decaf Americano and one of three thoughts will pass through your head. What an old fogy. What, does someone have an early bedtime tonight? Who the heck drinks decaf coffee? They better not try to start up a conversation with me. I only speak to real coffee drinkers.

And you may have had a point -- back in the days when "decaf" did mean "lesser." To decaffeinate a coffee bean, one has to at minimum soak and steam it, essentially pre-brewing the caffeine (and the delicious flavor) right out of it. This does not include the practices of some coffee roasters who use chemicals to strip beans free of their peppy properties. Traditionally, these processes created such a horrid cup of joe, roasters would use second- or third-rate coffee beans to begin with. No wonder decaf has such a bad rap. But, no more! Zoka is one of the elite specialty coffee roasters who takes pride in serving an impeccable cup of decaf - be it the Decaf Tangletown Blend, Organic Decaf Espresso Quatro, or the Organic Decaf Zoka Java Blend.

We select these beans because they are tough enough to retain flavor, body and acidity through the decaffeination process. They are hand-roasted, of course. There are no chemicals involved. The beans are fresh and delicious - no reject-beans here. Just good coffee.

5 Reasons Why Decaf Coffee Is The Way to Go

1. You won't end up like ol' Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters/coffee OD fame. He drank enough caffeinated coffee that he started getting chest pains and had to go to the hospital. 2. You won't be running to the bathroom every hour on the hour. Caffeine makes you pee more. It's a fact. 3. You are actually more of a hardcore coffee lover than those judgmental caffeine junkies. You drink coffee because you love it, not because you need it to perk up. 4. You can drink your favorite brew at all hours of the day and still get a full night's sleep. 5. If there is ever a world-wide coffee drought, you will be as chipper as ever. No headache. No anxiety. No irritability. No fatigue. Just a bounce in your step.