Santa Rosa 1900 — The Coffee Farm at the Top of the World

Zoka’s February 2014 trip to Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica culminated in the one of the most amazing coffee sourcing experiences we’ve had in over a decade of traveling to find the best coffees in the world.

Perched on the edge of a steep mountainside over a mile in the air of the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica, Santa Rosa 1900 Beneficio was an overwhelming experience even before we got to know the coffee. From the truly breathtaking views over coffee drying beds seeming to stretch out over the valley, to beautifully built mill, it was an overwhelming experience. We hope you get a sense of what we experienced that perfect day in late February.

Now that you’ve seen some of the magic, taste some.

Nicaragua — Home to Pearla Negra, Pacamara and more upcoming Single Origin Coffees

Nicaragua was the first stop on our winter 2014 trip to Central America. We enjoyed the hospitality of multiple Cup of Excellence winners, the Mierisch family, and coudln’t be happier about the high scoring coffees we brought home.

Learn more about the Mierisch family’s Nicaraguan and Honduran farms at their site.

Malacara — Home to Malacara B, Las Mercedes and Orange Bourbon

Zoka Owner Jeff Babcock has been working with the Dumont family for awhile. Not quite as long as their family has been minding their four El Salvador mountain farms — Malacara A, B and C and Mercedes. We had a great visit to their farm in February, and made a rare on the spot purchase of some extremely rare and gorgeous Orange Bourbon. Enjoy some the photos.

Learn more about the Dumont family’s over century-long legacy in coffee at their site.

Central America 2014 Trip — Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica

2014′s first trip was at the height of the Central American coffee-harvesting season.  Visits to Nicaragua, El Salvador and Costa Rica were an unexpected Bonanza. In addition to reconnecting with the El Portezuelo community, where Zoka helped fund a new soccer field for the community school, Zoka was able to purchase more incredible Family Direct Trade Coffees that will be offered as Single Origins than ever before.

Zoka Cafes

Zoka’s first roaster was in its first cafe, in its Greenlake (Tangletown) location in Seattle. It’s been a local favorite since then, almost constantly packed with regulars, from young families, students (mostly med and engineering, from our glances at their text books), couples on a date. Our free wifi keeps folks anchored, productive, connected and happy.

We’ve since carefully expanded to three cafes in the Seattle area. Take a quick look at each cafe’s distinctive style.

General Coffee Farm Visits

While you can easily order your superior Zoka Coffee from our website, that’s not how we get our beans. We get on planes and visit farms, farmers and their communities.


Rwanda is home to some of the most beautiful terrain, and people, of all the countries we’ve visited. They’re coffee is pretty incredible too. Zoka owner Jeff Babcock was a judge at the Rwanda Cup of Excellence Competition in August 2013, and brought home this remarkable Rwatano Cup of Excellence coffee. The perfect beverage with which to enjoy these remarkable photos.