Warning: Don't be surprised if after reading this, you put that dilapidated, three-legged-excuse-for-furniture up for garage sale. These coffee tables are that cool. We warned you! They're amazing. And inventive. And just begging for a mug of fresh brew and a stack of magazines.

Unique Coffee Tables

8. Fireplace Coffee Table

Fireplace Coffee Table Taking Saturday morning to a whole new level of awesome. We recommend not putting coffee table books on this one. Break out the s'mores.

7. Coffee Table Got Your Tongue

Tongue Shaped Coffee Table Talk about a conversation piece. Yep. We said it. No, we couldn't help it.

6. Paper Plane

Paper Airplane Coffee Table It's a bird, it's a plane, it's a ...coffee table. Pretty neat. And don't worry about coffee ring stains, they'll only enhance the folded-paper effect. Office chic is soaring to a living room near you.

5. The Great Pyramid Coffee Table

Pyramid Coffee Table Presenting...the least-child-friendly coffee table out there. It's a danger to toe-stubbers, living-room Olympic athletes, and anyone who occasionally stumbles through their living room inebriated. So what if it's a pyramid of impractical -- it still looks cool.

4. Sound Lounge

Coffee Table Sound System Even James Bond would be jealous of this kick-butt-sound-system-shrouded-in-a-coffee-table. This innovative concept by Sony offer a touchscreen navigation system and CD or MP3 format.

3. Stealth Tabletop

Computer Coffee Table That's right! It's a PC-turned-coffee table. The ideal "furniture" for anyone crammed into a studio apartment. Now you'll have ample space for your coffee, your computer, your feet, and your magazines without having to build a desk. Just don't spill.

2. Hypnotic Coffee Table Goodness

Hypnotic Coffee Table You're getting sleepy....very sleepy. A fine concept for a coffee table if you don't stare too long. And look at the bottom -- there's space for all that brick-a-brack that clutters up your living room. Coffee table by Industrial Design.

1. Coffee Table Magazine Rack

Magazine Rack Coffee Table The coffee table has always been and will always be the unofficial "trophy case" for your Time magazine, Vogue, Newsweek - whatever your periodical of choice. This unusual design by UB Studio fuses a coffee table and a magazine rack. And it looks like Pac Man. And now for a little Seinfeld coffee table humor from the episode where Kramer finds a piece of windshield glass.
KRAMER:  Can you believe somebody threw this out? You know I'm going to make a coffee table out of this and surprise Tina. JERRY: Wouldn't it be invisible? I mean, what, are you going to just sense it's in front of the couch?
Tell us your coffee table's story! Or comment below if you have a cool design concept.